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 Ika Susanti Hendriyani 1 dan Nintya Setiari 1

1Laboratorium Biologi Struktur dan Fungsi Tumbuhan Jurusan Biologi Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam Universitas Diponegoro. 

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Chlorophyll is a pigment presents in leaves which is vital for photosynthesis. It absorbs red, blue and purple, and reflects green light of electromagnetic spectrum. Beside its use in photosynthesis, chlorophyll is also important in treatment for cancer, useful as disinfectant, antibiotics and food supplement. Since chlorophyll plays important role in human life, it is essential to increase chlorophyll content. One way to do that is by adjusting the watering volume based on the plant type. The aim of this research is to study the effect of different watering volume towards the growth and content of chlorophyll in long bean (Vigna sinensis). The experiment was performed by using Complete Randomized Design (3 treatments with 3 repetitions for each treatment). Data was analysed by using Anova test. The result that Anova test shows the real effect then it is followed by Duncan Multiple Range Test. The result showed that in order to get good growth on long bean, the watering volume should be half of the capacity of plant media. On the other hand, high content of chlorophyll is achieved when watering volume is equal to the capacity of plant media.Keywords: chlorophyll, water, long bean, field capacity

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